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Your Guide to New York Resume Writers

Why do they say, “Design a resume” rather than “Write a resume”? Once you find the answer to this question, you will understand the true significance of a resume in the job application procedure. The job seekers incorrectly think that they are in a writing competition and inserting the top credentials in their resumes will get their noses inside the interview room.

How long will you revamp your resume and wait for a miracle to happen? You've got admit that your homemade resume will fall short at some or the other step of your job search. It's time to get the big guns in the competition – certified resume services.

You a New Yorkian Job Seeker?

Employment opportunities in New York have become challenging to achieve due to the 'hard to resist' competition among the job candidates. Nevertheless, a professionally typed resume will help you to knockout the toughest challengers of the contest.

Get informed about the top resume building services of New York and rise up from the major setbacks of your career. However, in order to receive the best deal, you need to research well about these services and get edified about the important insights of resume making (see BestSampleResume).

a) New York Resume Writing Services

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b) Your Resume Partners

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c) The Country's Best Resumes

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d) Career Resumes

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e) RochesterResume.Com

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Consider these professional resume writers operating in New York for various job search services and get a huge lift in your career. Alles Gute!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Communications Resume Sample

Communication is the essential part of commerce and industry. Anything that conveys information be it generic, weather, technical, feature news, etc., are all part of communications.  With proper information, people and businesses can strengthen their knowledge about a particular subject. The new technological trends that the world has witnessed in the communication industry have opened lots of job opportunities. Because of an interesting and lucrative career in this domain, there is a severe competition. You have to stand tall and prove yourself in order to compete and grab that single available position with help of a resume. A professional communication resume sample will guide you in landing the job.

The communications resume sample is the nice way in getting prepared for the job.  By referring it, you will know the layout and sequence of information to be relayed.  In addition, your knowledge of required skills, and describing the job responsibilities will be enhanced. However, you cannot copy and use the same the resume sample even your qualifications and skills are the exact match. The reasons behind putting this information is most likely some or the other person might have used the sample resume while preparing his/her resume. Imagine what the readers would feel when reading two identical resumes copied from the same sources. This way, neither of you will be considered for the job.

The communication resume can best be drafted only if you know what you are supposed to do once hired. For this, take time in researching the needs of the position is very essential. When the research is done, start writing by referring to a good resume sample.

We are providing a sample resume you can use when applying for the communications job.

Communications Resume Sample

Keith M. Crites
2704 Peck Street
Dover, NH 03820
Phone: (603) XXX-2541
Email: kmcrites@topsampleresume.com


Looking for communications consultant position where I can contribute in handling the communication activities of the company based on years of experience and knowledge I have added in my professional tool.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills
  • Flawless and impeccable communication, editing, and coordination skills
  • Strong ability to analyze situation, and solve problems
  • Extra-ordinary multi-tasking, and deadline meeting talent
  • Can work as a team member as well as independently
  • Self-motivated and fast learner
  • Skilled in planning and implementing strategies
  • Exceptional ability to maintain confidential matters
  • Remarkable interpersonal and coordination skills
  • Ability to take decisions quickly and appropriately
  • Expert in practicing and providing help and advice to clients, staff and management
Work Experience

Communications Consultant
XYZ Inc.,   Dover, NH
2009 – Present
  • Communicate with clients belonging to residential, commercial and industrial sectors, and market company's products and telephone services
  • Analyze clients' needs and communication problems to find effective and permanent solutions
  • Encourage clients for subscribing to the communication services
  • Prepare sales contracts, and rent deeds for communication equipments and services
  • Compile information from the applications to understand the range, location and type of equipment, services, etc., needed by customers
  • Coordinate with the respective department to find the availability to the equipments subscribed
  • Assist clients in selecting communication services that could satisfy their needs
  • Review application forms to determine the feasibility of subscriptions
  • Inspect the area where the service is needed
Communications Consultant
Faith Health Corporation, Dover, NH
2007 – 2009
  • Contributed in building internal communication system
  • Reviewed and edited communication materials
  • Coordinated with the marketing department for editing technical aspects of communication
  • Prepared effective presentation and spreadsheet to educate staff

Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications
ABC University, Dover, NH

On request
Jobs for communication professional are diverse. This communications resume sample is written for a consultant position who is experienced and have the required qualification. You can make changes in this resume sample if you are applying for the similar position. Just remember to be unique so that your resume appears different.

For more such communications resume, you can checkout following sites:

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Statistical Clerk Resume

In business, numbers and facts are utmost importance to polish, implement or make changes in the policies. Without complete and genuine information, it will not be that easy to take decisions. Therefore, business organizations hire statistical clerks who compile and present business data so that the management can review it, and take steps in the interest of the company. You can work in this position in varieties of industries such as health, education, finance, insurance, real estate, transportation, government, engineering, management services, and goods manufacturing companies.  Whichever sector you choose to work in, one thing is sure and necessary – a statistical clerk resume.

The statistical clerk resume should show the necessary skills, which are familiar in the job. To win the position, you should be able to compile and interpret data for statistical studies. Working in the manufacturing company, you will be assembling information related to production, sales, testing, quality control and survey reports. In the medical field, you will mostly collect data about the patients admitted and discharged each day or week in the hospital, number of births, death and types of treatment or operations performed by the center.

The primary responsibilities of the statistical clerk would be the same in any of the above-mentioned fields. The only change would be the data.  It is therefore, recommended to use keywords in the statistical resume that are familiar with the job. Look out for the job descriptions, and the resume writing tips to cover all areas while writing the resume.

Sample Statistical Clerk Resume

Rick M. Lindsey2598 Cameron Road
Buffalo, NY 14214
Phone: (716) XXX-3756
Email: rmlindsey@topsampleresume.com


To work as a statistical clerk and help the company in compiling and presenting business data that is complete, and accurate so that it could be used for further studies.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent computing and analytical skills
  • Complete knowledge of data interpretation and compilation
  • Familiar with techniques for projecting business data
  • Working knowledge of computer, and fast fingers on the keyboard
  • Well-versed with verbal and written communication
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions
  • Punctual, sincere and excellent team player
  • Ability to complete work accurately and in time
Work Experience

Statistical Clerk
Great Tires,  Buffalo, NY
2009 – Present
  • Prepare forms and questions for survey to collect data
  • Compile production, sales, testing, quality control, and employees' records for statistical studies
  • Collect and organize data in a tabular form to make it easy to interpret and draw conclusions
  • Calculate  numbers and figures using calculator and formulas from spreadsheets
  • Verify the accuracy of the collected information
  • Analyze statistical data with precision using the computer
  • Process and maintain all collected informations
  • Categorize and organize sets of data for analysis
  • Assist and support administrative managers and statisticians in their studies
  • Develop set of rules for statistical procedures and follow it completely for effective results
  • Initiate and design training programs for new recruits
  • Project sales objective by conducting market research and by collecting facts
Statistical Clerk
ABC Insurance Company, Buffalo, NY
2007 – 2009
  • Compiled insurance policy records for statistical analysis
  • Prepared the statistics reports in a tabular, chart and graph format
  • Used reference tables, risk tables and charts for compiling data
  • Prepared chart and graphs by computing the percentage of mortality,
  • Gathered clients' information to analyze the safety of providing insurance coverage
  • Collected information about administration expenses and presented data for management's review
  • Assisted in evaluating and solving problems associated with the insurance policies
  • Performed and presented a summary on complex issues to the branch manager

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce
Faith Community College, Buffalo, NY


On request

In any setting, statistical clerks have to follow instructions, see details and errors in data, work with numbers, and present statistics that are correct and complete. If you are capable of thinking and analyzing numbers and figures, you can alter this statistical clerk resume sample to apply in field of interest.

More resources:

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Revival Clerk Resume

Revival Clerk Resume
Activating the lapsed policies needs some formalities. The revival clerks handle such   procedures. These revival clerks work for insurance companies and help the insurers to revive their policies by scrutinizing the reasons behind  the failure of premium. If you are looking for a job in insurance industry, draft a revival clerk resume to appeal to the potential employers.

The revival clerk resume should show your computing skills and knowledge of insurance industry. Show the readers that you can compile data and revive the lapsed  insurance policies adhering to the company's regulations. Along with compilation skills, the employers would also like to see if you are capable of calculating the fees, extra charges and the total amount of premium. You can satisfy them by laying out your mathematical and accounting skills.

The work experience in the revival clerk resume should describe the job you have to handle if hired. There may, possibly, be additional work that you might have carried out for your previous or current employers. Add that information as well, only after confirming that it is really needed to get a step closer to interview seat.

When you are not sure about the total responsibilities you may have to look after, talk to the person who has already worked in that position. Conversely, get the information from the company's website you are applying to. Do not avoid reading the resume writing tips and resume format before writing the revival clerk resume. Look out for the sample resume given below and see that it corresponds with your resume.

Sample Revival Clerk Resume
Willie A. Lloyd
1770 Frosty Lane
Owego, NY 13827
Phone: (607) XXX-2578
Email: walloyd@topsampleresume.com


Looking for a revival clerk, and to help the insurers and the company to revival their lapsed insurance polices by implementing the set procedures and regulations laid down by the management.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of insurance industry
  • Strong mathematical and accounting skills
  • Great data compilation and processing abilities
  • Fluency in written and spoken English language
  • Familiar with the insurance rules and regulations for reviving lapsed policies
  • Expert in reviving all types of insurance policies
  • Effective coordination and interpersonal skills
  • Expert in working with computers and accounting applications
  • Skilled in multi-tasking and prioritizing work
  • Efficient and a reliable worker with proven ability to meet deadlines
Work Experience

Revival Clerk
People's Insurance, Inc., Owego, NY 13827
2009 – Present
  • Review applications for revival of lapsed policies
  • Compile data to determine whether the expired insurance policies can be reinstated or not
  • Confirm the payment of overdue premium by examining the policy records
  • Follow company's regulations while scanning renewal applications of ceased policies
  • Draft a report and submit to the management if certain requests from the customers are not meeting or satisfying the essential criteria
  • Approve and restore only those polices found worth of reconsideration
  • Calculate the delayed or unpaid premium along with the penalty charges for reviving the policies
  • Set a deadline for premium payment and ensure it is duly complied with
  • Draft letters, emails and make phone calls to customers informing about approval or denial of their reinstatement requests
Revival Clerk
Prudent Insurance Company, Owego, NY 13827
2007 – 2009
  • Revived ceased insurance policies
  • Handled all clerical responsibilities related to insurance policies
  • Assisted and explained customers how to fill applications for policy reinstatement
  • Collected and inspected all supporting documents needed for policy revival
  • Compiled and maintained records of revised insurance policies
  • Verified claims for settlement accounts
  • Contacted and convinced old customers to open their accounts with company
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Desire Community College, Owego, NY 13827


On request

The revival clerks not only have to gain clients' confidence, but also attract new customers for the company by building business relationships and enumerating the benefits the account holders can enjoy with the company's association. Use this revival clerk resume sample to show the employers that you have all these qualities to succeed in the job.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Mortgage Clerk Resume

Mortgage is the amount of money borrowed from a bank, financial institution, or a mortgage company. The money, which is taken by the individuals or corporations by keeping the documents of property with the lenders, is called as mortgage loan. Since proper documentation is needed to receive and lend the loan, banks and financial establishments employ mortgage clerks. Mortgage clerks handle all the required paperwork for granting loan to the mortgagor. A high school diploma, internship experience is a necessary for this position. However, to show your educational and work experience, a mortgage clerk resume is essential.

To write the mortgage clerk resume, you must first understand what skills could excite the readers. As an incumbent, you will be completing, rectifying and validating applications for mortgage loans. This type of work needs excellent skills in interpreting documents. Further, you should be skilled in processing the documents in an orderly manner, and without any errors. Skills in calculating the interest rate against the terms of loans, and fixing a monthly premium is your lookout.

Since the loan would be sanctioned considering the authenticity of the collected documents, and the details on the application forms, you have to be extra alert to avoid any loss to the company that are likely to result due to any misleading information. Therefore, the mortgage clerk resume has to show you as a vigilant and detail-oriented professional. These skills are needed to analyze the current status of the customers seeking mortgage loans.

Sampel Mortgage Clerk Resume

Terry B. Gaston
1132 Elk City Road
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Phone: (317) XXX-1572
Email: tbgaston@topsampleresume.com

An experienced, talented and highly dedicated professional seeking a mortgage clerk position, and assist loan officers in completing the formalities of loan process by identifying the credit worthiness of individuals and corporations.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Efficient, reliable, and hard-working professional
  • Excellent knowledge of mortgage industry
  • Competent and brilliant at working in custom-made software
  • Skilled in researching the financial status of mortgagor
  • Ability to evaluate the current market price of mortgage properties
  • Strong organizational, coordination and time-management skills
  • Experienced in multi-tasking and prioritizing work
  • Adept in calculating interest rates on mortgage loans
Work Experience
Mortgage Clerk
Jackpot Mortgage Company, Indianapolis, IN
2009 – Present
  • Evaluate supporting documents, and verify the loan application forms
  • Review, process and maintain documents and records of mortgage loans
  • Draft forms, letters, and write checks for payments, or transfer the loan amount in respective account
  • Calculate interest on principal amount, type and maintain the escrow and account payments’ documents
  • Update change in address, and contact number in the computer system
  • Answer customers’ questions on mortgage loans, and rectify records in the system
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements by reviewing mortgage deeds
  • Disburse funds and document the details for insurance and tax purposes
  • Assist mortgage officers in checking the credit ratings of mortgagors
  • Process foreclosure requests, and impose fees, charges or penalties
Mortgage Clerk
Ready Bank, Indianapolis, IN
2007 – 2009
  • Insured the mortgage properties
  • Computed tax and premium for insurance payments for customers’ information
  • Reviewed and rectified errors in tax payments, insurance premium, and interest rates
  • Evaluated the mortgage properties and sanctioned loans in relation to its current market price
  • Communicated with customers through letters, emails, and phone calls and reminded them about late payments and additional charges
  • Followed instructions from mortgage officers in collecting, filing and processing loan applications
Awards and Accomplishments
  • Awarded Best Team Member for the year 2010
  • Won the distinction of processing and completing 20 mortgage loan applications in a month
Associate Degree in Accounting
ABC Institute of Business Studies, Indianapolis, IN
You can make your mortgage clerk resume more impressive if you have read the resume writing tips, and resume templates. These are all the initial preparations one should follow in order grab the job.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Media Clerk Resume

Media Clerk
Organizations need people who can act as a mouthpiece and circulate information about their vision, goal, products, services, etc. through media. To handle this job, they appoint media clerks who answer the phone calls, file correspondences in the electronic systems, and keep records of important documents. The job needs good analytical and organizational skills. The job is similar to the role of company secretary. Good communication skills, knowledge of computer, high school diploma, and a media clerk resume is needed to grab this position backed by similar work experiences.

Candidates applying for the media clerk position have to be familiar with the media industry. They must have the knowledge of how the media works, the procedures to distribute information, and how to avail their services that are economical, faster and effective.  Media clerks should also be cognizant about choosing the right mode of communication depending on the purpose of the project. The media clerk resume should highlight all these knowledge to gain advantage.

The media clerk resume is sent to the advertising agencies, business organizations, schools and colleges. The resume format will not differ for all these establishments while applying. It should have the essential resume components. For instance, personal information at the top followed by a strong and convincing career objective, summary of skills, work history, educational information and references.

Here, it is necessary to point out the importance of research while applying for the job. Most likely, the employers may need you to perform jobs that are not listed under the media clerk profile. If you are already aware of what you have to handle once hired, the media clerk resume could be tailored in that line.

Sample Media Clerk Resume

Justin D. Vargo
2559 August Lane
Shreveport, LA 71101
Phone: (318) XXX-2587
Email: jdvargo@topsampleresume.com

Talented, experienced and knowledgeable person seeking a media clerk position, and help the organization gain good reputation by handling the media-related correspondences.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Flawless written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Computer literate with good typing speed
  • Highly organized and competent clerical professional
  • Knowledge of print and online media industries
  • Skilled in working under tight-schedule and building relationships
  • Good interpretation and report drafting skills
  • Great ability to prioritize work according to project
Work Experience

Media Clerk
Dazzle Advertising Agency, Shreveport, LA
2009 – Present
  • Collaborate with the sales and marketing team to plan the media publications
  • Answer phone calls, email and inquiry letters from clients and vendors
  • Analyze the project needs to determine the cost-effective mode of communication
  • Secure a current advertising price list from newspapers, TV, radio and online marketing companies
  • Purchase advertisement space for clients by providing clear instruction about size of an artwork
  • Allot space for classified and commercial ad
  • Calculate the circular charges using the rate chart for billing purposes
  • Prepare and get the contract agreement signed by the clients
  • Conduct market and demographics research to determine the cost and use of media
  • Maintain records of advertising schedules for clients
  • Record expenses, and media used such as newspaper, magazines, TV, radio, etc.
  • Survey the media circulation and frequency of publication for endorsements
  • Call a media meeting on behalf of clients to market or launch products
Media Clerk
Shreveport Country Community School, Shreveport, LA
2007 – 2009
  • Worked with the library team and provided cataloging and indexing services
  • Assisted in preparing report and media correspondences
  • Wrote letters and email for parents’ meetings
  • Circulated information about fees, admission forms, and available seat through newspaper ad
  •  Purchased educational materials for schools inviting quotations from vendors
  • Handle the supervision task in school during exams
High School Diploma
Wise Community High School, Shreveport, LA


On request
Because the media clerks are the spokesperson for the company they work, they should have a strong command both in written and verbal communication. They may also be asked to attend and answer press conferences on the managements’ behalf. This media clerk resume is perfect if you want to spread your skills and experiences to the potential employers.


  1. http://exampleresume.blog.com/2012/02/13/general-office-clerk-resume/ : General clerk resume
  2. http://www.bestsampleresume.com/sample-clerical-resume/sample-clerical-resume-1.html : Sample clerical resume from BSR.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Broadcast News Analyst Resume

Resume is one of the most important professional documents that you need to draft to apply for a job opening. A resume should always have professional formatting and must be visually appealing. As you are expected to face tough competition, you should take efforts to draft a customized, professional broadcast news analyst resume for every new job you apply for. The resume examples that we have provided below have been drafted considering important that need to be focused on in resume for the post of broadcast news analyst.

Broadcast News Analyst Sample Resume 
Contact Details:

Name: William G. Albright
Address: 2957 Frank Avenue, Springfield, MA 01103
Home: (413) 240-9628
Mobile No.: (413) 240-9628
Email-id: william.a@anymail.com

Professional Summary:
  • Over nine years of professional experience as Broadcast News Analyst
  • Complete knowledge about news analysis and broadcasting
  • Won the 'Best Broadcast News Analyst Award' from NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)

Work Experience:

Broadcast News Analyst
Name of the Organization: FDC News
Duration: November, 2007 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Go through all the news reports collected by different news reports and analyze these news details
  • Examine different news and segregate them as per their significance and assign editorial work to the editors team
  • Write scripts for the news to be broadcasted
  • Coordinate with the technical and creative team to plan news programs to be broadcasted
  • Get the news and short recorded segments approved from the higher management

Title: Assistant Broadcast News Analyst
Name of the Organization: ADS America News
Duration: July, 2004 to November, 2007

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • To analyze the different local, international and national news collected by the reports
  • Coordinate with the technical team to develop short video segments of the different news reports
  • Attend meetings to discuss the daily and weekly news broadcast plans
  • Edit news and write scripts for shorts news segments


Master of Journalism, University of Massachusetts, 2003

Bachelor of Journalism, University of Massachusetts, 2001


Member of NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)


Name: Fred N. Marcus
Title: HR Head
Name of the Organization: FDC News
Address: 2112 Pearlman Avenue, Springfield, MA 01103
Mobile No.: (413) 240-3971
Email-id: fred.m@anymail.com

Name: Johnie L. Le
Title: HR Manager
Name of the Organization: ADS America News
Address: 1320 Whitman Court, Springfield, MA 01103
Mobile No.: (413) 240-9467
Email-id: johnie.l@anymail.com

The broadcast news analyst resume sample that is mentioned above can be used as guideline for drafting customized, professional resume.

You can see such more resumes at http://www.analystresume.net/.